About Us

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    Arnie Roza

    Arnie is co-founder and designer of Coaching-Connect. A personal coach, specializing in relationships and top performance, Arnie got sick of the inefficient and overly complicated options available to effectively manage his coaching business. They say necessity is the mother of ingenuity, and that was certainly true in this case. Coaching-Connect was created with one aim in mind, efficiency of performance!

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    Chetan Amin

    Chetan is a top-notch IT Director, specializing in Customer Management Systems (CRM). With over 27 years of IT experience, Chetan has brought to life one of the most robust and easy to use CRMs in the market. His approach to having two interactive interfaces (one for the Coach and another for each client) is not only revolutionary in its efficiency, but provides added value and credibility to your practice.

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    John Doe

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We Build Reliable & Secure CRMs

The Coaching-Connect Client Relationship Management software has been designed and thoroughly tested to function consistently and problem-free.We utilize highest level of data encryption to secure your data. All your intellectual property and confidential client information is safe and secure.

User Friendly Design

Coaching-Connect was designed with efficiency and ease of use in mind. Looking through emails for lost documents, or jumping from folders to spreadsheets and word documents to keep track of session notes, or billing, or each client’s progress or personal information is a waste of time, and a thing of the past. Coaching-Connect’s user friendly design allows you to schedule clients, enter session notes, track billing, share documents, and access client websites and social media all with a simple click and the move of the cursor a few inches away.

Mobile Friendly Software

Access Coaching-Connect from anywhere! Use your desktop computer, tablet, or mobile phone, with Wi-Fi or 4-G access to stay connected. Our platform automatically adjusts its resolution to whichever device is being used. So regardless of the circumstances, you or your client’s wont miss a beat.

Awesome Features

Coaching-Connect is intuitive and easy to use. We’ve kept it simple, focused on what matters. Schedule and keep up with multiple clients at once, keep up-to-date billing and track each client’s progress. Minimize the use of emails by sharing documents directly and privately with each client, all from one desktop. We’ve focused on efficiency so you can deliver top performance.


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